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Connectors & Shelf Supports Catalog

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Hafele Connectors & Shelf Supports Products

Hafele Connectors and Shelf Supports: UV Glass Bonding, Magnetic Catches, Recessed Magnetic Catches, Magnetic Pressure Catches, Push and Touch Latches, Strikes, Non-Magnetic Pressure Catches, Automatic Spring Catches, Universal Brackets, Rear Panel Bracket, Topfix Angle Bracket, Connecting Brackets, Angle/Corner Brackets, Corner Braces, Connecting Plates, Brackets and Pins, Keyhole Plates, Berliner Fittings, Connecting Fittings, Universal Connectors, Upholstery Fittings, Cross Dowels, Information, Zip-R Screws, Spax Premium Screws, Special Application Screws, Varianta Screws, Nails, Pins and Staples, Screws for Decorative Hardware, Information, Knobs and Handles, Locks and Catches, Ball Catches, Roller Catches, Spring Catches, Speaker Panel Connector, Elbow Catches, Furniture Bolts, Wood Biscuits, Wood Dowels, Compression Dowel, EXACT Connector, Panel Extension Inserts, Dowel Connectors, Noval K Fitting, TOMMO Fittings, Scissor Jacks, Joint Connectors, Sleeve Connectors, Mirror Fittings, Multi-Purpose Connectors, T-Nuts, Sockets, Spreading Dowels, Drywall Wall Anchors, Confirmat Connectors, Cover Caps, Drillbit System, Hinges, Leg Attachment Plate and Foot.
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Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches
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