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Locker Locking Systems Catalog

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Hafele Locker & Locking Systems PDF catalog
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Hafele Locker & Locking Systems Products

Hafele Locker & Locking Systems: Mechanical Cabinet Locking Systems, Modular Removable Core Locking Systems - Symo 3000, Modular Removable Core Locking Systems - Timberline, High Security Locks, Decorative Skeleton Key Locks, Overview, Lock Cores and Keys, Deadbolt Locks, Cam Locks, Speciality Locks, Gang Locks - Side Mount, Overview, Lock Cores and Keys, Deadbolt Locks, Cam Locks, Glass Door Locks, Speciality Locks, National, Deadbolt Locks, Cam Locks, Sliding Door and Spring Bolt Locks, Gang Locks - Front Mount, Glass Door Locks, Sliding Door Locks, Espagnolette Locks, Espagnolette Locking Systems, Gang Locks - Front Mount, Gang Locks - Side Mount, Interlocking Drawer System, Strikes, Anti-Tip System, KABA Locks, Deadbolt Locks, Spring Bolt/Slam Locks, Keyed Cabinet Locks, National C-Series, Cam Locks, SC Series, Cam Locks, Drawer Locks, Glass Door Locks, Accessories, Lock Bars and Pins, Drawer Catches and Wedges, Built-in Gang Locking System, Strike Plates, Automatic Door Bolt, Double Door Latch, , Miscellaneous Locks, Electric and Electronic Cabinet Locking Systems, Cabinet and Locker Locks, Electric Furniture Locking Systems, Hasp/Cam Lock, Push Button Locks, Push Button Knobs and Rosettes, Battery Powered Electronic Systems, Overview, Stealthlock - RF Battery Lock, RegulatorŪ, Safe-O-TronicŪ LS Series, LS 100 Keypad Lock, LS 150 Keypad Lock, LS 200 Keypad Lock with RFID Management, Cabinet Locks, Combination Locks, Dual Axess - National Lock, Combi-Code, Mastercombi Locker Locks, Safe-O-MatŪ - Wood Doors, 500 Series Card Lock, 800 Series Coin Return Lock, 800 Series Coin Collect Lock, Definitions and Overview, Sample Wiring Diagrams, Electric Furniture Locks, EFL3 and 3C, EFL6 and 6C, EFL 10 and 10C, EFL80 Electric Slide Lock, EFL41, MCL1 Nano Lock, Furniture Lock Controllers, Switches, Toggle Switch, Keyed Switch (Timberline Cores), RF Remote Switch, Cupboard Latches, Magnetic Safety Lock, DialockŪ LockerLock - RFID, LockerLock, Info Terminal, Accessories, Safe-O-Mat - Metal Doors, S-6 Coin Return Lock, S-6 Coin Collect Lock, Safe-O-Mat Accessories, DialockŪ RFID Controller, FT 120, Accessories, Distribution Blocks 1:6, 1:2, Extension Cables, BiColor LED, Piezzio Buzzer, External Relay, MLA6, MLA8, Power Supplies, DialockŪ Keys, DialockŪ Programming Overview.
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Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches
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