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ACSI Architectural Control Systems supplies all door hardware products from Architectural Control Systems. ACSI designs and manufactures a complete line of quality electrified hardware products which meet the diverse needs of the architectural and security hardware industry. ACSI blends appreciation of the history and traditions of the security/access control markets, with prudent and conservative design practices, modern technology, and a zeal for excellence in attention to product quality and customer service.

Products include: Series 1100 Electric Hinges/Pivots, Series 1300 Door Control & Accessories, Series 1400 Power Supplies, Series 1500 Electric Lock Modifications & Accessories, Series 1500 Electric Exit Device Modifications, Series 1700 Electric Strikes, Series 3700 Electromagnetic Locks, Series 5500 Control Consoles, Series 6100 Communicating Bath Door Systems, Series 8500 Gemini Locking Systems.

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Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches
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